Stainless Steel Plate High Pressure Air Dryer
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  • Advantages of stainless steel plate change cold dryer:

    • The compressed air pipelines are made of 304S stainless steel,which has no secondary pollution to the compressed air and can be applied to the food and pharmaceutical industries.
    • The stainless steel,which plate exchange adopts double counter-current design(cold air and hot air exchange,air and refrigerant exchange),so that the temperature of the air outlet is reheated,which can avoid condensation in the outlet pipe.
    • 4-18 cubic meters adopts three-in-one stainless plate exchange(heat exchanger,evaporator and steam-water separator),small size , integrated process with good sealing performance,and high steam-water separation efficiency.

The comparative advantages of the high-pressure plate-changing refrigeration dryer and the high-pressure shell and tube refrigeration dryer : 
  • The heat transfer efficiency is high,the heat transfer coefficient is 2-3 times that of the shell-and-tube machine,the machine has low energy consumption, small size and compact structure.
  • Copper brazed stainless steel material,corrosion resistance,no internal leakage point,excellent pressure bearing performance ( currently optional maximum pressure of 45kg);
  • The Heat transfer temperature difference is small,the pressure dew point temperature can be as low as 2-3 degrees,and the temperature difference between the dry air at the outlet and the wet air at the inlet is small,which is beneficial to avoid condensation outside the pipe.
  • No pressure vessel certificate is required for export to foreihn countries.
Model C Class Filter
Separotor Filter
T Class
Air Line Filter
A Class Filter
High Effciency Oil Removal Filter
AA Class Filter
Ultra High Effciency Oil Removal Filter
The Max. Working Pressure 45 bar 45 bar 45 bar 45 bar
The Materials Glass Fiber Filter Glass Fiber Filter Glass Fiber Filter Glass Fiber Filter
The Max.Inlet Temperature 80°C 80°C 80°C 80°C
Filtration Precision 3um 1um 0.01um 0.01um
Residual Oil Content 5ppm 1ppm 0.01ppm 0.001ppm
Function Pre-filter£¨suitable for filtering large amounts of liquid and 3 micron agglomerates The main pipe passes through the filter,which is suitable for removing liquid water and oil, and can filter out 1 micton solid High-efficiency oil removal filter,suitable for coalescing fine water vapor and oil mist;it can filter out 0.01 micton solid particles Ultra-efficiency oil removal filter,suitable for coalescing fine water vapor and oil mist;it can filter out 0.01 micton solid particles

Model Air Handling Capacity
Compressor Power
Power Supply
Air Nozzle Diameter Dimensions(mm)
(L x W x H)
DMG-4H(P) 4.0 1.25 220/1/50 3/4'' 712x686x1154 140
DMG-8H(P) 8.5 1.8 220/1/50 1-1/2'' 810x810x1335 205
DMG-13H(P) 13.5 2.5 380/3/50 1-1/2'' 1010x890x1520 275
DMG-15H(P) 18.0 3.0 380/3/50 DN60 1085x1130x1520 415
DMG-20H(P) 25.0 4.0 380/3/50 DN65 1370x1360x1373 605
DMG-25H(P) 28.0 4.5 380/3/50 DN80 1370x1360x1373 670

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