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US825 is fully synthetic air compressor lubricant with outstanding performance and up to 8000 hours service life.
The high-quality synthetic hydrocarbons are selected as the base oil, supplemented by a variety of special additives, which brings longer life and good compatibility, and is suitable for different types of air compressor.

Wide applicability

  • PAO oil has excellent balance in various aspects such as oxidation resistance, flash point and pour point.
  • Suitable for screw air compressor in various environments

Longer life

  • It can lasts for 8000 hours in some compressors eith higher exhausted temperature.
  • Save cost and replacement fee.

Reduce oil consumption

  • Special low volatility and consumption make the output oil content of screw compressor lower.
  • Effectively reduce oil consumption due to volatility

Test item Unit Test results Test method
ISO Viscosity GRADE --- 46     68     100 ASTM D 2422
Viscosity at 40°C mm2/s 47.25     67.93     97.22 ASTM D 445
Viscosity at 100°C mm2/s 8.164     10.483     14.367 ASTM D 445
Viscosity index --- 147     142     152 ASTM D 2270
Flash point (COC) °C 280     280     280 ASTM D 92
Pour point °C -52     -48     -48 ASTM D 97
Anti-emulsification min 10     10     10 ASTM D 1401
Density 20°C g/ml 0.845     0.841     0.84 ASTM D 941
Foam characteristics 93.5°C ml 5/0     5/0     5/0 ASTM D 892


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