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Permanent magnet frequency conversion,energy saving selection

The perfect combination of inverter and inverter motor
DMG full series air compressor can be equipped with frequency converter to achieve optimal energy saving effect

  • Adjust energy consumption by 20% through frequency converter
  • Achieve constant pressure air, provide stable air source for users
  • The balance starts, reduces the impact of the motor an the power grid, and extends the mechanicalvlife of the motor and the unit
  • The frequency converter can be provided at random and can be upgraded later 

Permanent magnet synchronous motor scheme

DMG full series air compressor can be equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor to further improve 
the energy saving effect

  • Adopt refractory rare earth permanent magnet and never demagnetize
  • Motor efficiency is 5% - 8% higher than ordinary motor, and more energy saving
  • Can realize frequency conversion configuration function, and the frequency adjustment range is wide

High efficiency and energy saving dual - stage screw host

The double-stage screw compressor has the reasonable pressure ratio, ultra-small leskage and ultra-low noise.Make the 
compressed rotor and rotor of the secondary compression combination within a chassis, and through the direct drive for the front,
make every level of the rotor at runtime and matching the best linear velocity of gas production, and reasonable and can reduce
leakage in the compression, compression ratio under the same flow, two-stage compression than single stage compression energy saving 15% on average

Efficient water cooling syatem

Unit of lubricating oil, cylinder , packing all use through effcient cooler water cooling, effectively reduce the
temperature, the final exhaust temperature of generating units is not more than 130ºC, great extend valve piston
ring, packing, and other parts of life

  • High efficiency cooler and interstage cooling technology,the waste heat generated by the unit is carried away,and the compressor compression cycle is the closest to isothermal compression.
  • The installation of the unit is not affected in the harsh environment
  • The heat exchange area is large and small, and under the same heat transfer capacity,the volume is only about 60% of the swirl cooler of the warped tube

The Eagle series four-steps compressed screw and oil-free air piston booster campressor

Model Volume flow
Exhaust pressure
Installed power
Shaft power
Crankshaft Speed
KG water consumption(t/h) Air oulet size cooling water import and export of size Dimensions
LGV2-6.0/40PM 6.0 4.0 60 54 530 2500 20 DN40 1 1/2'' 2790x1500x1470
LGV2-8.0/40PM 8.0 4.0 75 68 580 3000 25 DN40 1 1/2'' 2790x1500x1470
LGV2-10/40PM 10 4.0 92 83 440 3500 30 DN40 1 1/2'' 3100x1850x1760
LGV2-12/40PM 12 4.0 120 108 520 4000 40 DN40 1 1/2'' 3100x1850x1760
LGV2-16/40PM 16 4.0 145 131 520 4500 50 DN50 2'' 3520x2050x1760
LGW2-16/40PM 16 4.0 145 131 350 6000 50 DN50 2'' 3520x2050x1760
LGW2-18/40PM 18 4.0 165 149 380 6500 50 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
LGW2-20/40PM 20 4.0 185 167 420 7000 60 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
LGW2-22/40PM 22 4.0 200 180 460 7500 60 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
LGW2-25/40PM 25 4.0 222 200 380 8000 80 DN50 3'' 3820x2050x2100
LGW2-28/40PM 28 4.0 270 243 420 8500 100 DN65 3'' 3820x2050x2100
LGW2-30/40PM 30 4.0 295 266 460 9000 125 DN65 3'' 3820x2050x2100
Reference conditions : temperature : 20°c suction pressure : 1 bar (abs) relative humidity : 0%
Standard constraints : height : 1000 m standard equipment : highest temperature 40°c standard options : 
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