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The Dolphin Series - Oil Free Screw Air Piston Booster Compressor

100% Oil Free High Pressure Compressor

Oil-free water is used to replace oil,to achieve the four main fuctions of lubrication, cooling sealing and
noise reduction,providing high quality and 100% oil free air,the discharge water need not special
treatment, meet environmental protection requirements
The screw main engine casing,the star wheel bracket and the whole system pipeline are the food grade
stainless steel pipes.
The supercharger is oil-free piston booster, ensuring that the whole air system is free of oil, and the food
and drug packaging industry provides all- oil Compressed air


High reliability

The main engine parts adpot corrosion resistant food-grade stainless steel, which ismore durable and
durable than the coating material
The lubrication water can absorb a lot of compression heat, the compressor runs at a low temperature, all
parts work in the small temperature range, and the reliability is hight
Water lubrication is used to solve the problem of emulsification or cementing of the oil spray screw machine
oil, and prolong the service life of the unit


Low noise

Single screw compressor main shaft direction, radial force balance, vibration small,


Maintain fast

Small amount of consumables, low maintenance coast, easy to replac
The lubricating water adopts a fully automatic water changing device, and the lubrication water can be
changed without stop
The whole stainless steel system is used to ensure the clean and clean air
Cylinder oil free lubrication compression chamber without oil, provide perfect compressed air for blowing
Adopt efficient energy-saving motor and reduce carbon emission
The all-oil screw piston compressor is compressed with a spray screw, and the oil is completely free

The Dolphin series' technical parameters of oil-free screw piston booster compressor

Model Volume flow
Exhaust pressure
Installed power
Shaft Power
Crankshaft Speed
KG Water consumption(t/h) Air Outlet Size Cooling water import and export of size Dimensions
OGV-6.0/40PM 6.0 4.0 67 60 530 2500 20 DN40 1 1/2'' 2790x1500x1470
OGV-8.0/40PM 8.0 4.0 92 83 580 3000 25 DN40 1 1/2'' 2790x1500x1470
OGV-10/40PM 10 4.0 120 108 440 3500 30 DN40 1 1/2'' 3100x1850x1820
OGV-12/40PM 12 4.0 145 131 520 4000 40 DN40 1 1/2'' 3100x1850x1760
OGW-16/40PM 16 4.0 185 167 350 6000 50 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-18/40PM 18 4.0 207 186 380 6500 50 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-20/40PM 20 4.0 222 200 420 7000 60 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-22/40PM 22 4.0 250 225 460 7500 60 DN50 2'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-25/40PM 25 4.0 295 266 380 8000 80 DN50 3'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-28/40PM 28 4.0 310 279 420 8500 100 DN65 3'' 3820x2050x2100
OGW-30/40PM 30 4.0 352 317 460 9000 125 DN65 3'' 3820x2050x2100
Reference conditions : temperature : 20°c suction pressure : 1 bar (abs) relative humidity : 0%
Standard constraints : height : 1000 m standard equipment : highest temperature 40°c standard options : 
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